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  • Vanberge 9:51 pm on December 29, 2005 Permalink | Reply  

    Year end recap 

    i took my last week of vacation. i got a new cell phone. christmas happened. i got an ipod video. i really like my car. everyone i know is undecisive. the lead singer of the “Guano Apes” is not a male. I have a new found love for “3rd Strike – No light”. videora kicks ass. “The Boondock Saints” resides on my ipod and on my cell phone. http://www.myspace.com/vanbergs. i’m never leaving my job. i dont know your “hoo ha” name. i wish mickeyvb would make a website. ef digital catch phrase. ef tom. i really love 16 pound 95 dollar cuts of prime rib that mickeyvb prepares to perfection. jesus. literally jesus. i have the same cell phone number. fieldy is a slap bassist. ef flo. four brothers is an awesome move. looking forward to beer dogs.

    can you hear me now

    • Jeff 11:00 pm on December 29, 2005 Permalink

      You totally stole Wes’ blog idea, you just did not bullet your list. 😛

    • vanlandw 1:47 am on December 30, 2005 Permalink

      everybody rips me off….but it’s ok

      also ef myspace and for most things in your post i’m in full agreement. four brothers was maybe the most surprising movie of 2005. tom sucks.

      i can hear you

    • vanbergs 4:24 am on December 30, 2005 Permalink

      ef vanlandw, he can’t hear shit

    • Kramer 11:10 am on December 31, 2005 Permalink

      Vanbergs has a myspace…horrid.

    • Kramer 11:11 am on December 31, 2005 Permalink

      Oh yes, and 4 Brothers was a pretty good movie. Much better than I thought it would be.

    • Jeff 2:45 pm on December 31, 2005 Permalink

      “i am sorry to say this [Eric], but the fact that you [posted a] hollow [unordered list] detracts from the value of your internet destination.

      you are posting content for the sheer purpose of inflating your numbers. effectively, you are spamming your own online journal with less than interesting content.

      Perhaps your priorities are astray?


    • vanberge 3:28 pm on December 31, 2005 Permalink


    • Jeff 5:51 pm on December 31, 2005 Permalink


    • Darrin 9:26 pm on December 31, 2005 Permalink

      I personally am a fan of what vanberge has done here. He has stated the facts of 2005 in a very concise Dutch format. ‘gg’ vanberge.

    • Jeff 9:56 pm on December 31, 2005 Permalink

      I was just giving him crap because of a comment he left on my site. 😉

  • Vanberge 3:09 pm on December 20, 2005 Permalink | Reply  

    Bell Curve 

    Our society and culture as we know it is very very young. The internet? 10 years old give or take.. Television? 50 years old give or take. Cell phones? 10 or 15 give or take? Cars as we know them (expressways, 70 mph speed limits)? 50 years old give or take. The point is, the world as we know it is extremely young. So much is changing in so little time that its actually a challenge to even keep up. How different were things just 100 years ago? completely. 100 years sounds like a long time; but put that in the perspective of how long the world has been around – it is a fraction of an instant. Over time, every great civilization has fallen. The roman empire would be just one example.

    Our human intelligence, probably our greatest gift; seems fundamentally flawed. Build bigger sky scrapers. Drive bigger diesel trucks. Make faster internet. Make smaller cell phones. Make everything as fast as possible, as big as possible. Churn the fires of electronic industry and shovel more and more coal into them.

    I feel like we are on the very apex of an astounding bell curve. The curve grows taller and taller, our confidence soars. Advances here, advances there; grow, expand, consume, transform. Soaring gas prices. Expensive heating bills. 5 hour commutes in 5 lanes of slow moving traffic. Fax machines. Fast food. Drive through everythings. Get everywhere as fast as you can and stomp on anyone in your way. Honk your horn. Flip the bird. Everyone is more important than everyone else. – It feels more and more like our priorities are not straight by any means.

    We’re a roman empire. We need to keep in mind that bell curves have a downward slope as well.

    • Jeff 3:42 pm on December 20, 2005 Permalink

      Actually, it is not a bell curve, it is the business cycle. It goes up and down with a general upward trend.

      There are two reasons why the Roman Empire fell, the first was general corruption and decent throughout the citizenry, and the second was the never ending attacks of the germanic and other barbarian tribes.

      American is definitely headed in the direction of corruption, but we don’t have anyone knocking on our door yet.

      Furthermore, all the innovations you were talking about are things that move the long run aggregate supply curve to the right. This is the representation of the full capacity of our country.

      Normally the curve shifts by around 4% a year since this is a sustainable amount of growth. However, some things with shift it more and maintain the growth because they increase out productive capacity, this would be things like the industrial revolution, mass transportation, automobiles, and computers/internet. This events happen roughly every 50 years or so. We are do for the next shift roughly in 20 years, and all signs point to a biotech revolution as this new source of productivity.

    • vanberge 8:44 am on December 22, 2005 Permalink

      I was attempting to speak on a somewhat larger scale then the last 100 years of business cycle.

      The way i see it, since america’s inception – a general upward trend has occurred. but that has been very gradual. I.E not a whole lot changed from 1776 – 1876. I.E the slow incline of the bell curve.

      More and more it spikes. within the last 10 years spiking quicker faster and higher. its a bell curve jja 😛

    • Jeff 3:02 pm on December 22, 2005 Permalink

      Actually, that is not true. It is a a pretty linear growth pattern of roughly 4%.

      The closest variation during the business cycle you are referring to that is most like a bell curve would have occurred during the 70’s, and that was squeezed out of the system by the recession in the early 80’s.

    • jason 3:32 pm on December 27, 2005 Permalink

      How can a number such as 4% have any sort of meaning to the overall development and growth of our civilization? It make absolutely no sense when taking into account items such as poverty, disease, and displacement of peoples to name a few. These obviously has an opposite weighing on any sort of meaningless statistic. Our world is due for a change, corruption is widesread, there is too small of a base that cares and the power is not present at this point to make any sort of meanful move in out civilization, politics, or policies other than to defer more corruption, destruction, and to keep us in the sad worldly state that we are in now.

      Who is to say that we no longer have an present day ‘barbarian tribes’ that are ‘knocking on our door.’ First of all the sprawl of the Roman Empire was to vast and infringed on other legitimate cultures that, in turn, created the knocking on their doors, just as the US playing the same role has expanded beyonds its own good to mingle in other cultures, and now we have Arab Extremists on our doors, and while weak, they have considerable power over us. Science is of no use unless it helps us, most of which has done very little for our general well being in the past half century, and new sources of productivity like the black berry have done nothing but disinigrate a family like culture to incorporate a never ending work and organizaion knot of people to their jobs and careers.

      So, if it is not the governments of the world that will destroy our civilization at the rate it is moving, then it will be the earth that will fight back and disband all that we have created.

    • bun 4:07 am on December 28, 2005 Permalink


    • vanlandw 4:11 am on December 28, 2005 Permalink

      i am going to “bell curve” all of you in the arse

    • Jeff 1:22 am on December 29, 2005 Permalink

      The 4% growth trend is in relation to the production of the country.

      The Islamic terror faction represents a subsection of the community that is losing the war within the religion. They are making desperate acts in the form of terrorism again the United States, because we are an easy target that gives them media publication. It makes their cause seems like it is bigger than it is. Where in reality they are the death pangs of a failing ideology.

      The modern day situation is quite different than during the Roman empire. Current trends towards globalization are taking things in a dramatically different direction.

      Certainly factors such as poverty, structural unemployment, disease, natural disasters, etc… play a role in the development of a country but it is simply not economically possible to eliminate them. There are certain acceptable thresholds that need to be maintained so that they do not hurt the overall growth of the nation.

    • jason 1:33 pm on December 29, 2005 Permalink

      So then wealth, growth, environmental destruction, and depletion of resources all supercede human life in the name of development and growth? And there is no way to eliminate poverty when the wealthiest peoples in American would rather spend millions on jets, boats, and cars? Leading to vast corruption and limited redistibution of wealth through greed and corporate holdings?

      Plus, your comment on Islamic militants are exactly what Roman Generals said about Germanic Tribes.

    • Jeff 3:42 pm on December 29, 2005 Permalink

      “So then wealth, growth, environmental destruction, and depletion of resources all supercede human life in the name of development and growth?”

      Within a certain threshold it has to. It is unrealistic to expect growth for “free.” As progress is made, this threshold is slowly reduced. Such that now far less suffering is required for day to day operations in addition to production that ever before in the history of mankind.

      “And there is no way to eliminate poverty when the wealthiest peoples in American would rather spend millions on jets, boats, and cars?”

      Exactly. Any government interaction puts undue burden on the free market and is ultimately detrimental to the economy in whole. The resulting affect is that everything is hurt, all the way from the richest, to the poorest (rural). Those in poverty that are self sustaining because of farms are not generally affected unless they for some reason need to purchase something.

      “your comment on Islamic militants are exactly what Roman Generals said about Germanic Tribes.”

      Actually, it is structurally different. Roman had a problem with sprawl that is different than the United States. Obviously, our activities in Iraq would be close to the Roman situation, but on the home front it is quite different. Furthermore, the adversaries in the two systems are different. The barbarians that managed to decapitate Roman were united. The barbarians that threaten the United States are not. At this stage they may share a common hatred for Western ideas, but they are not willing to fight us over it.

      Thus, if one faction of Islamic terrorists has it out for us, we can handle that. But, if the entire Arabic people had it our for us…well that would be different. Fortunately for us, they cannot agree on anything.

  • Vanberge 9:15 pm on December 12, 2005 Permalink | Reply  


    Many things to voice… A summarizing, friendly bulleted list ensues

    • Confirmed hatred of Chicago
    • Driving School (apparently)
    • 365 Days
    • Prison Break
    • Christmas
    • Vanbergs

    Confirmed hatred of Chicago:
    As I drove back to michigan from Chicago, i encountered the worst traffic ever. like 6 lanes of ‘gridlock’ traffic. it took me almost 2.5 hours to get out of chicago’s city limits. Construction? nope… Accident? Nope. just fucking assholes driving like fucking assholes and having all of them on the same road. “yelling face”

    Driving School:
    I contest my traffic citation from my previous automotive collision. I plead a good case, talking about the other persons speed being too high, her running red light, etc. The cop was all nervous and stuttering, i figured i had it won. Well, i kind of did. The ticket didnt get ‘voided’ completely – rather reduced to a “zero point nothing on my driving record” fine. So, i was ok with that. No points means no increased insurance. APPARENTLY though, one stipulation of that is to take a “Driving Defensively” course at the police station. Of course the judge didnt say that, i just got a letter in the mail. This class was 4 hours long and cost me 47 dollars. can you say “yelling face”

    365 Days:
    Tomorrow, i have my annual review at work. Tonight im filling out my forms, rating myself so to speak. Judging yourself is pretty difficult. you dont want to sound cocky, but you dont want to sell yourself short either. My bosses are both pretty cool, so im expecing a 5% raise. Its crazy to think that ive been working there a whole year. Seems like yesterday i was walking out of progressive distribution wanting to urinate on the ashes of the world destoyed… 1 year has totally changed my entire perspective on the entire world.

    Prison Break:
    In what was one of the best shows ever, i became completely captivated. Well, basically it just stopped and cliffhangered mid season, not to show again for like 6 months. Sheer infuriosity. It really almost makes me want to stop watching the whole show even thought he first ‘half’ of the season was awesome.

    Christmas is about 2 weeks away… I havent even bought 1 gift. However, im looking very forward to christmas because im taking my last week of vacation off the week before… Vacations are the best things ever, and it seems that they’re even better if you take them without anything planned at all. I’ll do some christmas shopping, play come counter strike, play some xbox, play some of everything, and just overall be a van. Merry christmas. 😛

    Vanbergs graduated from college.

    • vanlandw 11:59 pm on December 12, 2005 Permalink

      I just spent $100 dollars at amazon on gifts…god damnit fucking christmas

    • mickeyvb 7:24 pm on December 14, 2005 Permalink


      when you start spending over 100 on each person, only THEN do you get to fuckin swear, gaw-dammit!

    • vanlandw 12:03 am on December 15, 2005 Permalink

      mickey…you are the man

      and your right but i bought three gifts in that 100 dollars…so i’m ok 🙂

    • MonkeyMigraine 5:05 pm on December 22, 2005 Permalink

      I agree, that was annoying the way “Prison Break” ended. I understand it was bad planning for Fox. They had to make room for “24.” I don’t think they expected the show to do well. Hopefully the finale lives up to the wait

  • Vanberge 10:19 pm on November 28, 2005 Permalink | Reply  

    Business Trip 

    For me, this is a very abnormal week. First and foremost – Disturbed is playing. However, I had to relinquish my ticket because i am currently on a business trip for this entire work week.

    Although i feel absolute sadness and sheer despair over missing disturbed for the second year in a row; this week is really pretty exciting for me. I’ve never been on a business trip before now. I’m in chicago about 5 miles from the Ohare airport, spending 5 days at EMC receiving training on how to administer and manage their SAN hardware. That said – it is effing wierd to be in a huge city all by yourself. I don’t feel ‘scared’- but something like anxiety almost all the time. Well… i guess i’m kind of lying… Something about huge cities just absolutely terrifies me. Walking around looking up at 15 story buildings, watching airplanes fly almost directly over my head, driving on 47 lane highways; its just a feeling that i’m not used to and so far cannot get over.

    Overall, its exciting to be on a business trip, sure.. but I didnt have to be here long to realize that I absolutely hate this town. People drive like assholes, alot of people are assholes, theres more of everything i hate and less of everything i like. I feel like chicago is nothing more than an ant hill that somebody just needs to shake up and pour water down. Maynard James Keenan might be the smartest most intellectual human being on this earth.

    just let me get out first.

    • Jeff 11:16 pm on November 28, 2005 Permalink

      I’m 99% sure you are correct about Chicago.

    • Darrin 12:45 am on November 29, 2005 Permalink

      Welcome to the terrible spin of business trips! I know the feeling – there is a lot of anxiety in navigating your way through a major city without having time to really plan it or even enjoy it for that matter.

    • vanlandw 4:50 pm on November 30, 2005 Permalink

      you missed a pretty good show van…the opening bands blew but disturbed was really cool. they played way to many singles but they did play fear and the game.

    • bun 2:37 am on December 1, 2005 Permalink

      van- come back to GR. we miss you! 🙁

    • dutchy 4:04 pm on December 2, 2005 Permalink

      welcome to rosemont/ohaire, by far the shittiest place on the planet, and the global gathering point of just about any business conference there is. go sans! i just started managing our new one here 😉

    • Jeff 6:55 pm on December 4, 2005 Permalink



    • vanlandw 8:24 pm on December 5, 2005 Permalink

      worst test ever

    • Jeff 4:03 pm on December 7, 2005 Permalink

      CLEARLY, I was testing the line break mechanism.

      Since you are using the several dots, I take it you are not aware of the fix for it.

    • vanlandw 5:52 pm on December 8, 2005 Permalink

      I was aware jjafuller….i was mocking you :-p

    • bun 5:20 pm on December 9, 2005 Permalink

      this is just the best conversation ever. also, does the spacing between each poster’s name, their comments, and the next person’s comments strike anyone else as difficult to read?

    • Jeff 3:34 am on December 10, 2005 Permalink


  • Vanberge 8:33 am on November 27, 2005 Permalink | Reply  

    Google Rocks 

    Google is one of the few software companies that have become a house hold name. Even most “non technical” people know the word “Google”.

    Basically, everything that Google does is awesome. Not only for their search engine capabilities, but for the assortment of all kinds of online services they offer – for free. Google analytics, Rss reader, Gmail, Google local, etc. I am very impressed with this company; specifically that they are able to offer great software and services completely free of charge.

    They probably are able to do this because they really dont advertise. You don’t see google tv commercials, google newspaper/magazine ads.. etc. They dont have to. Everyone just knows their name. But even so, not everybody knows them beyond their search engine.

    I think Google is going to be the company that breaks Microsoft’s dominance in the computer industry. Although their business model is mainly an online initiative, they have written desktop software such as Picasa and Google earth. If i were google i’d be having a development team writing an operating system, a vendor like HP or dell ready to use that OS on their hardware, etc. I know that I would definitely give a Google OS a spin if it were available for download.

    People know and love Google… and with Google’s past record with software I’m more than certain they are capable of producing such a product.

    Check out Google’s stuff.
    Google Services
    Check out Google’s “beta” stuff
    Google Labs

    • Darrin 12:40 pm on November 27, 2005 Permalink

      Agreed! I actually just started a group on facebook called, “I Love Google!”. Google certainly has enough talent and cash to start their own OS, heres to hopeing that they do.

    • Jeff 4:37 pm on November 27, 2005 Permalink

      Google is the quickly becoming the next evil empire.

      Though their advertising is less pervasive than most, it is everywhere.

      The reason Google doesn’t advertise is because they are a monopoly. Monopolies don’t need to advertise because they are so commonly known. There was some Google advertising towards the beginning of their life.

      The fact that people know of Google, does not mean that they know what Google is. They have already begun to loss effective branding, as Google has started becoming a verb. Rather than say “search for it” they are saying “google it.” There is no brand distingishment, just like in the south people say “Coke” for soft drink.

      Another problem they has is that their services remain in “beta” stage essentially forever. They try to skirt accountability by slapping “in development” on it.

      Recently, they have just been releasing products for a brief period, then pulling them. Just to create PR hype.

      I think when Google was just the best search engine they were great, but I am beginning to glow leary of their antics.

    • Jeff 4:38 pm on November 27, 2005 Permalink

      Woah…wtf, why doesn’t this support line breaks?

    • Vanberge 9:06 pm on November 28, 2005 Permalink

      Mr. Fuller just despises everything except for apple computers and Mac OSX 😛

      can you honestly say you wouldnt like to see / try a google operating system??

    • vanlandw 11:06 pm on November 28, 2005 Permalink

      i agree with both of you. I like some of their services but I just can’t think they are going to be perfect angels forever


      i posted on something i totally disliked a while ago…..

      Also, gmail could use a functionally update IMO and the google reader is just not as good as something like Gregarius or bloglines

      but for most users and for free you really can’t beat some of their services…

      for quick searches google is without question the best

    • Jeff 11:15 pm on November 28, 2005 Permalink

      Google would not create their own operating system. I think if they were going to do something, it would be with rebranded something or the other, there are rumbling of a universal linux remote login thing.
      [this is where a line break would have been]
      Creating a new desktop OS at this point would be virtually impossible due to the economies of scale vested in Windows.

    • vanberge 10:00 am on November 29, 2005 Permalink

      the line breaks are in there…

      I think the style i use is reformatting them. I looked at things with a blackberry browser and i can see all your line breaks

      i’ll try to fix that some day. 😛

    • Jeff 10:43 pm on November 29, 2005 Permalink

      I guess that I will just stop posting comments until then.

    • vanlandw 6:15 pm on December 1, 2005 Permalink

      LMAO…I will post comments but i will use “….” so things look a little bit better

    • vanberge 10:11 am on December 2, 2005 Permalink

      ILL FIX IT >:o



      RA RA

    • Vanberge 9:06 am on December 3, 2005 Permalink


      line break

      another line break

      yep fixed.

  • Vanberge 11:08 pm on November 22, 2005 Permalink | Reply  


    Apparently, somehow… my forums mysql database got corrupted. Going to http://www.palmerforpresident.com/forum would just hang there… and my server would eventually kill the apache process. I’m 99 percent sure this points to database corruption.

    I tried to restore the database from backup… but that doesnt work correctly. basically…. things are effed. I might try some more, i might not. For now, i have phpbb installed at http://www.palmerforpresident.com/forum

    Many people have tried running a message board software- it seems that they just kind of die off. Maybe its not worth even tryin to get back.

    rm -rf /home/vanberge/yabbsebackup ??

    p.s. Im using google analytics to track this site’s stats now. I just added the javascript so we’ll see how google does on website usage statistics


    Updated – after some sql editing, some database delete / renames, and some php tweaking, i got the effing forum database to restore. But, since this is as of august 8th, i lose 3 months of data.

    • Jeff 12:36 am on November 23, 2005 Permalink


    • vanberge 7:39 am on November 23, 2005 Permalink

      if i do it… you have to do it to jja.. 🙂

    • Jeff 4:17 am on November 24, 2005 Permalink

      Nope. I did not corrupt my database and lose three months of conversations. :raz:

    • vanberge 4:53 am on November 24, 2005 Permalink

      I dont think im going to rm jja….



      although now i must say i know mysql much better than i ever wanted. and clearly i wasted 7 hours of my life making this work. horrendous persona.

      happy thanksgiving

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