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  • Vanberge 5:54 pm on January 31, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Who called it? 

    I love Google… I’m going to install this the minute it is available.
    Google Working on Desktop Linux

    Google employees must read p4p.
    Google Rocks

    • Jeff 10:20 pm on January 31, 2006 Permalink

      Yeah…that story has already been retracted.

    • Vanberge 11:14 pm on January 31, 2006 Permalink

      ung. that is frustrating.

    • jason 12:38 pm on February 1, 2006 Permalink

      It is just odd though that google will go out of its way to defy the government of the US by refusing to give the gov access to data under the patriot act (which i think is great!), but they will yield to china in building a system to censor certain material from the chinese people!

    • vanlandw 1:59 pm on February 1, 2006 Permalink

    • Jeff 3:09 pm on February 1, 2006 Permalink

      Well, it may be that Google’s plan in China is to build up enough revenue to afford a war on the country, where they over through the government, and rename it Choogle.

    • jason 4:27 pm on February 2, 2006 Permalink

      clearly it is a world domination scheme

  • Vanberge 11:42 am on January 29, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Super Bowl Party 

    Next Sunday is super bowl sunday. Last year, this resulted in a moderately sized get together at my place where food, barley, football, and vanhood were all consumed.

    This year, the plan is the same. Anyone who wants to come over next sunday, feel free. Just contact me at some junction.

    The agenda will include the ever famous cheese dogs, marshmellow dipped carmel krispy treats, etc, etc This year however, will bring the addition of a chocolate fountain. So, food will be flowing – but BYOB.

    • vanlandw 11:49 pm on January 29, 2006 Permalink

      I’m there

    • Kramer 12:48 pm on January 31, 2006 Permalink

      I will not be there. Sorry.

    • vanberge 6:23 pm on January 31, 2006 Permalink

      Kramer!! why not??

      you are invited… and you could bring some of that BBQ

    • Kramer 11:58 pm on January 31, 2006 Permalink

      I will still be in Texas.

      You guys (or as they say down here, y’all) need to come down some time.

  • Vanberge 7:26 pm on January 23, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    House Weekend 

    lately, i have been growing exceedingly frustrated with leasing an ‘apartment’. not only are neighbors annoying, noisy, slobs, – but rent is expensive where i live. its not worth it to me to pay so much money and have absolutely no return on that investment. All that money could be going towards a house.

    So, the process of home owning is now rolling. I qualify for up to 135 grand (although those mortgage payments would be less than affordable)… In reality im looking to spend 110 – 115 k. So i’m 99 % sure that i’m going to own a home before, perhaps way before; my lease ends in may. We have looked at one, and are scheduled to look at two more… If i find something i like for an affordable price, consider me homeownerberge. I dont even mind if it’s a bit of a fixer upper. Pretty much as long as it is not an apartment, and my stuff can fit into it, i would possibly be interested.

    in addition to house shopping… i love every one of my friends. This was one of the better weekends of my entire life. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was especially nice to let loose after a fairly stressful week at work. My position is really evolving to a point where i am the go to guy for alot of different things. Blackberries, the SAN, pretty much anythin server related, etc. etc… Its very exciting. But, in cases where you have to be the one to administer a “Disaster recovery SAN failover test” – it can be a slight bit stressful.

    At any rate – the D.R test was a success, im vanberge, payner can arrest me legally, vanlandw lost 10 knockout matches straight, vanbergs is my brother, flo throws up if he bowls, i suck at bowling, uccello’s has the best pizza ever, some day i’m eating “the legend”, and Gran Turismo 4 has gotten me back into it.

    • vanlandw 11:30 pm on January 23, 2006 Permalink

      you are doing the right thing vanberge….your rent isn’t too bad because you are practically living with two incomes…but putting that money into a house at this junction is the right thing.

      if i had a full-time job i knew i could tolerate for the long haul i would be doing the same thing

      and yes payner is going to betray us all and throw us in jail

      also for anybody reading vanberge failed to mention he was LAST in bowling for two games….brb

    • chouse 7:15 am on January 24, 2006 Permalink

      you have a blackberry? do you have a bes too?

    • vanberge 5:55 pm on January 24, 2006 Permalink

      Yeah… alot of people use them at our company, so we have a BES.

      You Chouse?

    • Jeff 4:51 am on January 26, 2006 Permalink

      Don’t let them sucker you into the 30-year morgage. You definately want to do the 15-year plan. Try to get your employer to automatically deduct from your check, so you are paying as frequently as possible. You will save your self many thousands of dollars.

      Hell, after the 15-years are up and you are used to living without the money, you can have it automatically deducted into an IRA and be in excellent shape after 30-years instead of just paying off the house.

    • vanberge 5:41 am on January 26, 2006 Permalink

      a 15 year mortgage is not even plausible. In order to afford a 15 year mortgage, i would have to buy a house that is about 40k.

      a ‘normal’ house in a 15 year plan would cost more than i even make in a month.

    • vanlandw 2:37 am on January 27, 2006 Permalink

      well…soon you will have a joint bank account and two incomes to pay on a house….just some food for thought.


    • vanberge 7:41 am on January 27, 2006 Permalink

      I’m counting two incomes. 😛

      after taxes, home insurance, etc… a 15 year plan would cost like 1200-1400 dollars a month.

      It’s pretty cut / dry that is not affordable as we each have expensive cars already.

    • Jeff 2:36 pm on January 27, 2006 Permalink

      Well, like I said. If you cannot afford to buy a house in 15-years, you cannot afford to buy a house. Suck it up, and continue to lease until you can. 😉

    • vanberge 11:33 am on January 28, 2006 Permalink

      Clearly jja leaves comments merely to accomplish conflict.

      So i suppose you are waiting to get your “master’s” until you can afford to pay your tuition in one shot then? because i bet your credit card interest rate is much higher then the one i will get on my mortgage. As i do work at a bank.

      Regardless of 15/30 year – it is better to be putting money into the equity of a home vs renting an apartment. As if/when i would move, i would have return on that investment, and more than likely the home would sell for more than i currently pay. where as renting, you just move out, and get some of your security deposit back.

      So, JJA, you have unknowingly told us your exact heritage with this line of comments – 50% jewish + 50% dutch. 😛

    • mickeyvb 5:35 pm on January 28, 2006 Permalink

      vanberge, take the 30… but whenever you can, pay extra in between the other payments… have it go to principle paydown… ; )

    • Megan 7:35 pm on January 28, 2006 Permalink

      I know nothing about mortgages, but congratulations on nearly becoming a homeowner, Vanberge. Most importantly, the new look for P4P is glorious.

    • Jeff 1:35 am on January 29, 2006 Permalink

      I am not trying to adversarial. I am trying to help you out in the long run. 😉

      I should note I have no credit cards. Most of my undergraduate degree was paid for with scholarships, and my currently graduate degree is partial payment now, and 3.5% interest loans that won’t accrue interest until I graduate.

      However, I am glad to you say our guess on my heritage is incorrect. 😛 Although, take into consideration I won’t let you figure it out by process of elimination either.

      Oh, and, HOLY WINDOWS XP BATMAN. This is quite a theme.

    • Vanberge 2:50 am on January 29, 2006 Permalink

      jja, i respect you… i’m just giving you crap. 😛

      megango: thank you. I do like this look quite a bit actually…

      i love you mickeyvb

  • Vanberge 7:37 am on January 17, 2006 Permalink | Reply  


    “It has begun……”
    Gamgee Count Official

    Official Partner of Bauer Count

    • Kramer 2:26 pm on January 17, 2006 Permalink

      Van, that is brilliant.

    • vanlandw 2:34 pm on January 17, 2006 Permalink

      you need to put the music back van..if you want i can host the music file on the bob to keep BW down. that that is really funny

    • vanberge 7:00 pm on January 18, 2006 Permalink

      lol… thank you kramer.

      vanlandw, the music should be back.

  • Vanberge 9:57 pm on January 10, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Diet Vanberge 

    A bit prior to thanksgiving, i weighed myself on my parents scale… Typically, i could care less about my body or my weight… But, this day, i saw something i have never seen before “245”. I typically thought i weighed 235, which was fine with me on every accord. However, when i realized that the elusive “250” was so close, i felt like something had to be done.

    I started drinking less pop… drinking black coffee at work… minor changes. I got to about 235 this way.

    Then comes the new year at work. Somehow, somebody organized a ‘biggest losers’ type club; with a catch. Each person puts in 10 dollars… and at the end of a year, the biggest loser takes all. That, in combination with ENFUEGO MIGUEL weighing less than me (although i am taller…), have inspired me to drastically change my lifestlye. So, for the past week, i have: Eaten a banana and grape nuts cereal every day for breakfast, drank only water and black coffee, eaten very light lunches (1 sandwitch without mayo, an apple, etc), and eaten sensible dinners. I have even gone out to eat twice and ordered only salads. Blah blah blah, i changed my eating habits.

    Keeping in mind that i did not do any additional exercise of any kind, read on: Initial weigh in at work for the ‘biggest losers’ club i weighed 238… Over the weekend I purchased a scale, and was astounded that i currently weigh 228 pounds. I havent been that light in probably 24 years. I was absolutely shocked to see that changing my eating habits for 7 days yielded a 10 pound reduction in my body weight…

    Now the trick is ‘staying motivated’… as it grows harder and harder to avoid calling papa john.

    I’m back into scionlife.com
    I want to buy this
    I love third strike.

    • bun 10:28 am on January 11, 2006 Permalink

      this is an epic post. i honestly cant even imagine you NOT eating a 5 ourse meal every time we go out. if your goal is to look like your brother, then good luck. just remember he will always be a filthy fucktard on the *inside* 😛

    • vanberge 1:13 pm on January 11, 2006 Permalink

      Clearly vanbergs is a twig… he is built like my grandpa on my mothers side…. i am built like my father.

      My father has a much more ‘masculine’, manly build. While vanbergs’ build is that of kate moss or mischa barton. 😛

    • vanlandw 6:44 pm on January 11, 2006 Permalink

      I would say vanbergs’s personally resembles Kate Moss or Mischa Barton but his body frame is quite similar as well.

      I don’t really worry about my diet because I cannot really gain weight but I’m glad you are going about losing weight I guess. Hopefully you will still enjoy going out to eat and not become a “health nut”.

    • i hate you guys 1:10 am on January 12, 2006 Permalink


    • bun 10:39 am on January 13, 2006 Permalink

      i just wanted to point this out in evidence of my former point- that vanberge will never stick with his diet:


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