Monthly Archives: January 2007

New Search – Powered by Google

I’m not even sure how exactly this started.  One second i was talking about Google ads with vanlandw.  Then I saw jjafuller’s search on his site and enjoyed that very much. And before I knew it, I spent an hour and a half changing my site to use Google as the search engine instead of the built in wordpress search functionalities.  I have to admit, i still like Jjafuller’s search better than google’s, but I like google’s much better than the default wordpress functionality.

Give it a try over on the sidebar—->


It is 2007.  Bullets.

  • Jjafuller’s wordpress counter stopped working and broke my footer.  It also broke pretty much completely.
  • Tony Soprano
  • The Wire
  • 24
  • The Shield
  • Guitar Hero
  • Pool / Pool Table
  • Still running Ubuntu/Beryl
  • isn’t sending email i dont think (i tried mail from command line even)
  •  Seriously.
  • Marriage
  • Mexico
  • Sauerkraut two days in a row
  • Information Technology
  • Overall… Asi asi.

This post is mainly to see if jjafuller’s plugin will work now.  Powerhouse everything 07 post coming ASAP.