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  • Vanberge 5:49 pm on July 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    BRB 24 

    Bitch President Say hello to “Cherry Jones”. This typical late-middle aged woman might look very normal – but she is not normal in the least. She is so far from normal that her existence has changed the world forever. She has done something so entirely profound that I can barely form the patterned ascii text to describe its happenings. This woman… has officially ended my viewing and fanship of the television program “24”.

    Officially. Ended.

    I have been a 24 fan since college when I purchased the first season on DVD. I watched it nearly in one sitting, and was purely gripped by the show. I have viewed every moment, the entirety of the series, seasons 1 through season 6; but I will not be watching, mentioning, talking about, or even trying to follow along with season 7 of “Fox’s hit show” 24. Since the inception, fox has done everything in it’s power to ruin this sacred and acclaimed television drama. Continually ridiculous plot lines grow with sheer linear upwardness – and interesting, deep characters are banished by death from the show leaving quirky asshole bitches the main focus.

    Season 6 permanently jaded me… I was positive that I could never – NEVER – feel the same way about 24 as I did in seasons 1,2,3 and even 5. “Twenty-Four” crossed a very very serious line and there was no coming back from it. I can’t even bring myself to go into details- but season 6 of 24 was just dogshit. I hated it. 80% of why I maintained viewing it was because I wanted to win money from vanlandw because that douche hole love child is definitely Jack’s son. Even then, I was dangerously close to banishment of the show.

    Enter Mrs. “Cherry Jones”.

    For those of you who do not know, Cherry Jones is going to be the President of the United States in the next season of 24. I had heard this rumor, and VANBERGS informed me that he was pretty sure it was official. He was correct (As seen here). I can’t quite even put my finger on ‘why’ – but the fact that 24 is putting a woman president into the mix has launched raw fury and unbridled hatred onto the camels back, shattering the camel into a Rob Zombie film. “Broke the Camels Back” is hardly an accurate description.

    I, Vanberge, am never watching 24 again.

    • Steven Paul VanBergen 6:24 pm on July 22, 2007 Permalink

      “I wanted to win money from vanlandw because that douche hole…”

      I laughed at that because I thought you were going to call vanlanw a douche hole :-[

      I wanted to change my “comment name” to reflect what is written on my birth certificate. After much thought, I have decided to end my affiliation with 24. Vanberge, I say we hold our own new breed of “24 Mondays”. We’ll load up a disk of the show from seasons past, and try to pretend that a stupid bitch is not running Washington, D.C. Either that, or we make enormous flags out of tampons and maxipads, spraypaint “24 Menstruates” onto them, and hang them in our respective yards from 9:00pm to 10:00pm every Monday night.

      Fuck you, 24.

      I, Vanbergs, am never viewing 24 again. In the immortal words of my father and Old-School Metallica…So Let it be Written, So Let it Be Done.

    • Kramer 9:32 pm on July 22, 2007 Permalink

      I am giving next season 8 episodes, 1/3 of the season. After that I will evaluate whether or not I’m going to watch the rest of the season.

    • Vanberge 9:39 pm on July 22, 2007 Permalink

      Steven Paul VanBergen,
      I’m with you. 24 night will be re-invented. I saw we hang up a pic of “chloe” and throw darts at it.

    • vanlandw 10:25 pm on July 22, 2007 Permalink

      I’m going to watch it but not with the same enthusiasm.

      It’s a shame because I remember how much fun it was to watch with all my friends now nobody is going to watch. Oh well it’s just a TV show. Regardless read the link below and read the stuff about they are going to be “incorporating the issue of global warming and the importance of carbon emission reduction into storylines.”


      wtf….but i agree with throwing darts at a pic of chloe she is a fucking bitch

    • vanbergs 11:05 pm on July 22, 2007 Permalink

      “a press release on the shift does say that “when appropriate” the next season will be “incorporating the issue of global warming and the importance of carbon emission reduction into storylines.”

      I can picture it now: Jack leaves SUV running outside of CTU, Chloe’s newborn demon spawn looks at him and growls, “Turn that off, you’re hurting teh environmentz!”
      “O, rly? Oopz lol! I has a hybrid?”

      So, not only is 24 targeting America as the biggest bunch of pussies ever for having a woman leader, they’re painting us as goddamn hippies in the process. I don’t care if tv mirrors real life to a certain extent…but enough is enough.

      Fuck you, 24. Just give up on it vanlandw. Same goes for you Kramer.

      Vanberge, I’ll see you in the winter.

    • Vo 11:41 pm on July 22, 2007 Permalink

      And now you see why I never watch a show that has potential to start off amazingly. It can only disappoint. Same thing happened with Monk.

    • vanbergs 12:01 am on July 23, 2007 Permalink

      Also, for Vanberge…this just came down on the wires at work…don’t know if you can have this affect you or not…

      Online D-V-D rental pioneer Netflix is
      lowering the price of its two most popular subscription plans by a
      one dollar a month.
      It’s giving up (m) millions of dollars in revenue in an attempt
      to regain the upper hand against arch-rival Blockbuster.
      The price cuts take effect Tuesday and match the fees charged by
      Blockbuster for similar online-only services.
      The latest changes will have a big impact on Netflix’s finances
      because the price reductions are being made on the company’s two
      most widely used plans.
      Netflix’s stock price has already dropped by 24 percent so far
      this year amid worries about tougher competition from Blockbuster
      and video downloading services

    • Kramer 9:17 am on July 23, 2007 Permalink

      Fuck you 24.

      Thank god that The Shield is still top notch. And hasn’t become hippy bullshit.

    • vanlandw 2:38 pm on July 23, 2007 Permalink

      why couldn’t they announce karl urban or like one cool actor coming to the show i don’t know why in the fuck they keep casting women as shitty characters. also Buchanan not coming back as really the only good character to bring back just blows i don’t know what they are thinking

    • Steven Paul VanBergen 5:20 pm on July 23, 2007 Permalink

      It is a lost cause vanlandw. They are bringing back the worst characters, and introducing terrible ones. 24 is dead. It is just dead.

    • hw 11:57 am on July 24, 2007 Permalink

      i wouldn’t mind seeing that chick from grey’s anatomy on there. she is a QT!!!

    • bun 3:24 pm on July 24, 2007 Permalink

      i am happy to report that i am the only person reading this blog that is not a complete nutcase. why a female president in 24 would push you over the edge remains a mystery to the teee. if your gripe is that a woman is in a position of power, you’ll have to pretty much dismiss every single episode of 24 from every season. if your gripe is that a woman is in *the* position of power, then you’re not any better off. even with a male president (regardless of race), the women in this show dominate nearly everything either by stereotypical manipulation or flat out smarter reasoning.

      there are plenty of reasons not to watch this next season (i wont’ be watching it either), but a woman president is not one of them.

    • Vanberge 4:39 pm on July 24, 2007 Permalink

      “I surrender… take my land” – Russ

    • Steven Paul VanBergen 6:30 pm on July 24, 2007 Permalink

      I’m not even responding to what russ just said.

    • bun 9:32 am on July 25, 2007 Permalink

      i rest my case 😛

    • Vo 10:14 am on July 25, 2007 Permalink

      I don’t think that issue is with a woman in power. I think the issue is with the fact that 24 is going to use the tired ass “woman in power” plotline. I have never watched this show and I already hate it.

    • vanlandw 3:19 pm on July 25, 2007 Permalink

      As much as this doesn’t happen very much I agree fully with Vo. Yes the “woman in power” plot line is kinda tired and something really not to look forward to. 24 has done it countless times (Alberta Green, Driscoll, Michelle, Karen Hayes, Nadya etc) over and always it just ends up with bitchy women fucking over the men. 24 has never had good women characters maybe a hand full (nina, Lynne, Season 2 Michelle and a few more i can’t think of).

      Vo you should really watch at the LEAST the first three seasons. It’s worth it and we mostly bitch because of how much we all used to love the show. It’s never been perfect but really the first three seasons are the best…4 is ok worth a watch if you get into it 5 is good better then 4 and 6 is passable about a third of the episodes i would say are “good” (1-5, 17 for the fayed battle, 24 for the action and final scene)

      I also tend to agree with russ female president is not enough to make me stop watching but i don’t find this as good news nothing that has come out recently I would say is the news i was hoping to hear. Nothing on location changes, nothing with exciting casting news…that is what i’m waiting for.

      good discussion vanberge gg

    • vanlandw 4:04 pm on July 25, 2007 Permalink


      Sorry to spam but there is some more information about season 7 a BC fan sent me. Seems season 7 will sadly be 3 years down the line (heard rumors it will be six months that is what i’m hoping), no CTU, in DC and sadly chloe will be back. some decent news (DC no CTU) but still some downers…check it out

    • Steven Paul VanBergen 6:39 pm on July 25, 2007 Permalink

      The fact that there will be no CTU this season is almost enough to bring me back around from “vanhood” to “fanhood”. Meaning I may have to go back on my word out of morbid curiosity.

    • Vanberge 9:56 pm on July 25, 2007 Permalink

      Google Translated… wow this came out well:

      Speech today to of “cherry Jones”. This model perhaps, the woman whom center ages slowly you see very normally, but -, she being minimum, is not normal. For the present there is she from the normal state to which her existence changes the world permanently. She was possible and made what so complete to form the text of ascii where I am at last imitated in order to describe profound happenings. As for this woman…The television program “24 ” my viewing and fanship were finished officially.

      Officially. It is finished.

      I when I purchase the first season of DVD, am directly 24 fans ever since the university. I looked at one that it sits down almost and was grasped completely by show. I at the time of all, the series, looked at the whole of season 6 from season 1; But I with season 7 of 24 of “orphan popularity show” look at that it continues not to be, expressing and expressing, in addition furthermore try. Since starting, the orphan this holiness which is, the power which makes the drama of the television which is extolled ruinous had done that everything. As for the always ridiculous plotting line thin alignment upwardness you are brought up, – make interest cause, deep quality is banished the dying from the show which goes away from the principal focus to the female dog of extravagant asshole depending.

      The fatigue the season when it cuts 6 permanently me… The same method approximately 24 as for me I never – never – me who am not felt making season and 1,2,3 when, making five equal without being possible it was affirmative. “24” very made the very serious line cross, there was no thing which then comes returning. I cannot come accompanying by my in order to enter into detail, but season 6 of 24 was fair dogshit. I hated that. I that why maintained viewing, because 80% my raw child of the hole of the douche is the son of the jack completely, because you thought that I would like to win the money from vanlandw, it was. And, I to be close to dangerous extent in exile of show.

      “Cherry Jones” lady participate.

      Because of your those which you do not know, cherry Jones has done the fact that it is American president of the following season of 24. I hear this rumor, as for VANBERGS he considerably secure that being there was an formality which informs about me. (Sees here) he was correct. As for me rather why”, but it can put my finger in the `and the fact that makes unprocessed rage and self-indulgent hatred the camel launch, pulverizes the camel in the film of the zombie of Rob – 24 is inserting the president of the woman in combination. Most accurate descriptions which are did not break “the camel”.

      I, Vanberge never does not look at 24 for the second time

    • vanlandw 10:49 pm on July 25, 2007 Permalink

      “I, Vanberge never does not look at 24 for the second time”

      almost as good as “When Nope, it is not.” from vanbergs’s post

      i love google translator :-[

    • vanbergs 4:43 am on July 26, 2007 Permalink

      If Google only knew how unfathomly poetic its translator truly has become.

    • Vanberge 4:59 am on July 26, 2007 Permalink

      I think my favorite is that ”’season 7 of “Fox’s hit show” 24”
      season 7 of 24 of “orphan popularity show”

      Vanbergs, you have already stated that you are not going to watch orphan popularity show next season… you can’t go back on your van-word just because of ‘no ctu’. with a woman president, chloe bitch, etc, they may just as well have ctu.

    • bun 3:38 pm on July 26, 2007 Permalink

      once again vanberge’s comments reveal his true position on this issue: it isn’t that the woman in power is a cliche, it is just that he hates women in general.

      actually, i don’t like them either. hmm.

    • vanlandw 12:30 pm on July 27, 2007 Permalink

      lmao rusty i don’t really like women at all either. With the show three years down the line the last thing I want to see is Chloe with a child, and i’m sure to be a power hungry woman in power president. I hate Hillary I’m going to hate “Cherry”.

      I don’t like the three years down the line Jack is getting to old storyline wise. I like no CTU but i’m sure FBI or secret service is goin to take up the incompetent CTU parts of the storyline. DC will be cool a new color pallet on screen should be cool.

      So far news for season 7 is 50/50 when i was hoping for 75/25 good bad. Oh well there is still time.

    • vanbergs 5:31 am on August 1, 2007 Permalink


    • Vanberge 6:31 am on August 1, 2007 Permalink

      I hate the monster squad. But, i do want to see it again.

    • Vo 4:37 pm on August 1, 2007 Permalink

      I watched the monster squad last night. As bad now as it was then.

    • vanbergs 3:42 am on August 2, 2007 Permalink

      300 is just as amazing now as it was in the theaters.

  • Vanberge 10:21 pm on July 8, 2007 Permalink | Reply  


    This week, I finally decided to sign up for Netflix. The movie place I previously rented from had closed, so I wanted to be sure and choose “the correct” means of obtaining visual media for the future. After reviewing three contenders: Blockbuster, Hollywood video, and Netflix – the final decision was made. In the end, I just hate blockbuster and it’s hard to argue with the ease of use for Netflix.

    Since signing up, I have found myself just plunged in to an abyss of rating movies and managing my queue. I’ve been a member for 3 days and my fat maws have already queued up over 100 films – with a little help from Vanbergs of course. I’ve rated over 200 movies. I’ve added “Fleaux” and “teh teee” as friends. It has generally been fun just being a Netflix member. It just sounds cool to say: “I use NetFlix”. All this and I’ve only watched 1 movie. (Casino royale; i didnt like it. 2 stars)

    I’ve also taken this chance to do some fun integration with my website. Note the Movies page referenced in the top menu, and also the Netflix queue sidebar snippet. Yeah – I am a tremendous nerd. And I hate PHP.

    At any rate… good game Netflix. And also good game NBC (The Black Donnelly’s).

    • Kramer 7:29 am on July 9, 2007 Permalink

      I can’t believe you didn’t like Casino Royale. I thought it was great.

    • vanlandw 8:09 am on July 9, 2007 Permalink

      agreed with kramer Casino Royale is a amazing

      I’m shocked you didn’t like it I though you would. Regardless nexflix is cool. I’ve seen the first episode of the black donnelly’s a very long time ago but didn’t keep with it. I’ll check it out since you seemed to have liked it so much.


    • Vanberge 11:09 am on July 9, 2007 Permalink

      For me, it was too far from regular Bond movies.

      I didn’t really buy Daniel Craig as a Bond… He just seems too French.

      And through the whole middle of the movie, i was sure that i had made a mistake and rented “Rounders 2”.

      Too much french, too much poker, not enough action IMO.

    • Vo 12:21 pm on July 9, 2007 Permalink

      That’s what happens when the movie series actually uses the source material instead of Denise and Halle’s nipples to base a movie on.

    • bun 12:54 pm on July 9, 2007 Permalink

      have you “enabled” your steaming movies yet? when i did it i was still in beta and you had to enable it by clicking on some bootleg link (i have no idea what the process is now). i use it all the time, even though they don’t have that many good movies to choose from. if you pay $14 a month (like i do, 2 dvd plan) you get 14 hours of streaming content a month, etc.. the only shitty part is that you have to use IE7, and they are constantly updating their software.

      that being said, i will never leave netflix. i love them way too much. paying a little extra for them over blockbuster is worth it, if only for teh RSS. good game vanberge 😛

      i thought casino royale was “ok”. basically i’m just glad the bitch died in the end.

    • Vanberge 5:53 pm on July 9, 2007 Permalink

      Russ – I don’t ahve to enable them… they’re just ready to go. But no, i havent tried it yet. I’ll do that soon.

      I agree with you 100 % with the RSS feeds. Netflix > Blockbuster.
      The rss feeds alone have allowed p4p to become a better site!

    • vanbergs 11:34 pm on July 9, 2007 Permalink

      Casino Royale was awesome, elephants being thrown like shotputs is awesome, and putting the original Gladiator at the top of vanberge’s neflix queue is awesome. On a related note, Russ is teh sucks

    • vanlandw 11:56 am on July 10, 2007 Permalink

      lmao i love russ

      Yes you have a very good “queue” going on there a lot of recent movies I want to see myself. The RSS is a nice feature. With blockbuster if you are close buy I do like the idea of returning a movie and getting another one. But your not close to one so it maybe a burden. Also netflix are assholes about new customers vs old. The new people get all the good shit right away where as the longer you are a member the worse you are treated. That doesn’t sit well with me personally it reminds me kinda of car insurance companies….you don’t crash your call for 30 years and when you do you have to pay that 500 deductible. Dogshit.

    • vanlandw 11:57 am on July 10, 2007 Permalink

      The other thing that bugs me about netflix is the profiles and ratings are closed for only members. I know people who are members I would like to view their ratings and reviews but I can’t. They should allow invites or something. Oh well you are vanberge I’m glad you have steady access to motion pictures.

    • Vanberge 4:37 pm on July 10, 2007 Permalink

      Vanlandw – i have heard that about netflix (new vs. old customers) – but haven’t seen or spoken to anyone that has directly experienced that. Russ has been a member the longest of anyone i know and he is happy, but he doesnt rent ‘new releases’.

      You should obviously become a netflix member to view your friends ratings. 😛

    • FLO 11:48 am on July 12, 2007 Permalink

      The old vs. new is accurate. You’ve been able to rent the movie “Shooter”. For me, netflix says I have to wait 30 days before I can receive that title. However, I haven’t seen any change in the time it takes for movies to be sent to my home.

    • vanlandw 4:22 pm on July 12, 2007 Permalink

      i am not going to become a member i don’t think 🙁

    • Vo 4:42 pm on July 12, 2007 Permalink

      Reflecting on what’s currently in your queue:

      Deja Vu – excellent
      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Didn’t see
      Blood Diamond – Didn’t see
      The Break-Up – Eh. Not enough shiny moments to make up for the bad
      Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – Excellent
      Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest – Not as Good, still good
      A Scanner Darkly – I loved it. Not for everyone though.
      World Trade Center – Didn’t see
      The Salton Sea – Didn’t see
      16 Blocks – Excellent

    • vanbergs 12:43 am on July 13, 2007 Permalink

      Eternal Sunshine and The Salton Sea are the two best movies on there.

    • bun 6:13 am on July 13, 2007 Permalink

      basically netflix is good for long tail (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Long_Tail) items. if you’re a “new release” person, after a few months you will become incredibly frustrated with companies like netflix. if you read chris anderson’s book, the most interesting part is how the long tail can actually shape and change cultural interests by making esoteric content easier to receive. you may think you want the latest lord of the rings dvd, but what you REALLY want is the Director’s Cut of Commando, which only really looks appealing to you and 3 other people. 🙂

    • Vanberge 6:48 am on July 13, 2007 Permalink

      I’m really not much for new releases. If there is a movie that i’m gunning for on release; typically i buy that movie.

      If waiting 30 days before i can access new releases is the one con to netflix, i’m still plenty fine with that.

    • bun 4:37 pm on July 15, 2007 Permalink

    • Jeff 12:40 am on July 21, 2007 Permalink

      Casino Royale sucked, 1 star.

      I have recently reactivated my account in order to view the entire Star Trek series. I don’t even like Star Trek, but someone pointed out that they are a bunch of commie mother fuckers. So I am reviewing it in that context.

      Anyhow. In my experience, you get the best performance if you queue contains less than 10 titles.

    • Vanberge 8:28 am on July 21, 2007 Permalink

      How about that… jja and myself agree on something! 😛

      If you theory/experience is correct jja, then i am in for bad performance. My q is currently 160 strong.

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