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PC Look and Feel

In the last week or so, i’ve done a few things that have made my computer more pleasant/appealing to use.
You guessed it. Unordered list time:

  • Installed and configured Compiz Fusion to replace Beryl. If you do not know, Compiz Fusion is the rejoining of Beryl and Compiz which had previously forked. Compiz fusion is definitely one of the most revolutionary things to hit the personal computer in a long, long time…
  • Installed all “ubuntu Studio” theme packages. I run Ubuntu linux, the default installation. Ubuntu studio contains all sorts of applications for video, imaging, and audio production – i don’t really need all that. But, i did think the look/theme was fantastic. So, I installed it on my computer. After using it, it reminds me heavily of jjafuller’s old wordpress theme.
  • Installed “Pidgin”. Pidgin is the replacement/continuation of GAIM. it’s pretty much the same application, but it’s a little more polished regarding appearance. I enjoy it.

I really like my PC. If you would have asked me a year ago, i was buying a mac for sure. No doubt in my mind. Then I started using Ubuntu linux and that has drastically changed my perspective. Ubuntu is free. And it’s fantastic. I haven’t used Windows at home since December of 2006, and i will not ever buy a mac. Ubuntu w/ Compiz fusion is my desktop for the foreseeable future.

Alas, per vanlandw’s request, a screenie just to give the lay of the land. Screenshot

BRB 24

Bitch President Say hello to “Cherry Jones”. This typical late-middle aged woman might look very normal – but she is not normal in the least. She is so far from normal that her existence has changed the world forever. She has done something so entirely profound that I can barely form the patterned ascii text to describe its happenings. This woman… has officially ended my viewing and fanship of the television program “24”.

Officially. Ended.

I have been a 24 fan since college when I purchased the first season on DVD. I watched it nearly in one sitting, and was purely gripped by the show. I have viewed every moment, the entirety of the series, seasons 1 through season 6; but I will not be watching, mentioning, talking about, or even trying to follow along with season 7 of “Fox’s hit show” 24. Since the inception, fox has done everything in it’s power to ruin this sacred and acclaimed television drama. Continually ridiculous plot lines grow with sheer linear upwardness – and interesting, deep characters are banished by death from the show leaving quirky asshole bitches the main focus.

Season 6 permanently jaded me… I was positive that I could never – NEVER – feel the same way about 24 as I did in seasons 1,2,3 and even 5. “Twenty-Four” crossed a very very serious line and there was no coming back from it. I can’t even bring myself to go into details- but season 6 of 24 was just dogshit. I hated it. 80% of why I maintained viewing it was because I wanted to win money from vanlandw because that douche hole love child is definitely Jack’s son. Even then, I was dangerously close to banishment of the show.

Enter Mrs. “Cherry Jones”.

For those of you who do not know, Cherry Jones is going to be the President of the United States in the next season of 24. I had heard this rumor, and VANBERGS informed me that he was pretty sure it was official. He was correct (As seen here). I can’t quite even put my finger on ‘why’ – but the fact that 24 is putting a woman president into the mix has launched raw fury and unbridled hatred onto the camels back, shattering the camel into a Rob Zombie film. “Broke the Camels Back” is hardly an accurate description.

I, Vanberge, am never watching 24 again.


This week, I finally decided to sign up for Netflix. The movie place I previously rented from had closed, so I wanted to be sure and choose “the correct” means of obtaining visual media for the future. After reviewing three contenders: Blockbuster, Hollywood video, and Netflix – the final decision was made. In the end, I just hate blockbuster and it’s hard to argue with the ease of use for Netflix.

Since signing up, I have found myself just plunged in to an abyss of rating movies and managing my queue. I’ve been a member for 3 days and my fat maws have already queued up over 100 films – with a little help from Vanbergs of course. I’ve rated over 200 movies. I’ve added “Fleaux” and “teh teee” as friends. It has generally been fun just being a Netflix member. It just sounds cool to say: “I use NetFlix”. All this and I’ve only watched 1 movie. (Casino royale; i didnt like it. 2 stars)

I’ve also taken this chance to do some fun integration with my website. Note the Movies page referenced in the top menu, and also the Netflix queue sidebar snippet. Yeah – I am a tremendous nerd. And I hate PHP.

At any rate… good game Netflix. And also good game NBC (The Black Donnelly’s).

Google Desktop

Finally… one of my favorite applications has been ported over to “teh” linux. (Now we just need iTunes, Counter Strike, and some (by ‘some’ i mean ANY) video editing applcation). Digress: Google released Google desktop for Linux. I’ve used Google Desktop for awhile – both at home and at work. Let me tell you something – if you haven’t used desktop search in some capacity yet in your life, then you are seriously missing out. Instead of trying to remember which folder under “My Documents” you might have put your resume; or where that video of “3rd Strike – No light” is currently residing; just pop open the desktop search and type “eric vanbergen resume” (obviously inserting your own name); “3rd strike”; or whateve else you want to find on your computer.

Without failure, the result is exactly what you are looking for. I have used a couple different search tools (including Beagle). They all do a pretty good job… Hell, even Micrsoft’s Desktop Search is phenominal, but… I do like Google’s better. In my opinion, its the best desktop search tool out there. It indexes files, word docs, pdf’s, media files (id3, even.. i think), your email, your gmail, your web history… etc.

The linux version is Beta – and with Google’s track record it will probably be Beta till about the year 2047. I’m not complaining though, Google’s beta software is better than 99% of other software in the world today. Hopefully they decide to add the sidebar with the next linux version though. I don’t see it in this initial release, and that is one killer part of the Google Desktop.

At any rate: Check out some screenies of Google Destkop running in Linux

Of other note – We now have two pets. 1 gato named “Kitt” that has been with us for 3 years, and now we’ve added “Kali” (prn: calley) the Scottish Terrier. So far, all is well. She’s a good dog and seems to get along with our cat very well. A few screenshots of “teh” dog are available as well.

Online Selling

About a year ago, i purchased Originally I had fully intended to make that into a Scion enthusiasts website and online community. I made a weak attempt, and really just didn’t have the time or energy to put into it. So, my motivation and the site began to lack and eventually just sat static. Fast forward to last week. I was approached by somebody interested in purchasing the domain. My initial thought was ‘nope’ – thats too good of a domain name to let go. I even put some time back into the site and upgraded the forums. But, after a couple days the idea of selling seemed to get better and better. We settled on a good price, and my paypal account balance confirmed that the sale was for real.

I was kind of intimidated to tell the truth… I had never sold a website before and really didn’t know how to do it. Turns out it’s really not that hard. The buyer initiates a change of registrar, and you give the buyer the site’s authorization code and unlock the domain from your own registrar. A couple clicks and that was the end of it. BRB I hope your new owner treats you better than I did.

To go along with selling things in and around the online arena, I’ve finally decided to sell some things on eBay… I’ve been a member of eBay since the year 2000, but I’ve never bought anything or sold anything on ebay. In fact, i have no idea why i am a member – Or, why I can still remember a password that i created 7 years ago and haven’t used since. Regardless, the task of listing an item for auction is another new venture for me. It was easy enough to do – and I had two bids within a half hour on my first auction. Thus, I decided to post another auction.

So far, I am just lightening up on video games by selling all of my final fantasy games:
Auction 1 – Final Fantasy Playstation Lot
Auction 2 – Final Fantasy GBA/DS Lot

Both of those “Lots” are pretty impressive collections of Final fantasy games – And i’ve already played through the vast majority of them and as such will never do so again. Also it turns out a couple of those titles are pretty rare, so I have pretty high hopes for these two auctions of mine.

I’m feeling “entrepreneurial” from an online perspective and brainstorming a bunch of online ideas. We’ll see what happens in the long run here.

The New P4P

After probably 6 hours or so of additional work, and maybe 9 total hours – the new theme for P4P has been completely integrated and tweaked to full vanberge customization.

I’m actually very happy with the current look and feel of my website. The Gallery and Google search integration turned out much better this time than it did with my last theme. These two things were my major hurdles, so i’m glad to have them out of the way. I’m still not completely sold on how the Google search results look, but Google doesn’t allow a great deal of customization with that so i think i can live with it. Plus I was able to ditch Google’s ugly html-only search form and mesh the functionality into the default wordpress search form.

I also implemented some other minor tweaks… i widened the site by 100 pixels overall, i increased the font size, added some slight color/border/image tweaks and cleaned up some alignments. All in all, i know way more about css/html than I ever wanted to.

Hopefully Google doesn’t mind that I totally hacked up their search scripts and removed the capability to do a web search from my site. The search form used to have a radio button to search the Web, or p4p.. user had to pick between the two. Now the user CAN’T pick – the search only searches p4p. 😛

If anyone notices any bad/ugly/wrong things with other browsers please let me know… but the site should be pretty uniform regardless of browser.