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  • Vanberge 11:12 am on November 30, 2008 Permalink | Reply  


    Decided to be active on a sunday morning…  I updated wordpress to version 2.6.5 and I also took the plunge from Gallery 2.2 to gallery 2.3.

    The updates went smoothly as usual (which is good since I didn’t make a backup) – but it does look like I have some quirks to work out…

    Clearly there is no visible difference to either application but I wanted to feel good about myself.

  • Vanberge 11:16 am on November 23, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Wierdest food ever? 


    I am pretty sure this is the best AND worst food of all time. Can’t bring myself to try them…

    • vanbergs 2:23 am on November 24, 2008 Permalink

      pick them up for the shield, or you won’t be welcome on tuesday.

    • vanlandw 6:30 pm on November 24, 2008 Permalink

      vanberge you must try this food item

      you are a great man case closed

      You also need to listen to more tracks the lonesome kicker is still your last consumed track.

    • Vanberge 8:15 pm on November 24, 2008 Permalink

      Actually vanlandw I have listened to many more tracks. I just havent connected my ipod in awhile so my played tracks have not been ‘scobbled’.

      I don’t think I will be trying this “microwaveable pig skin”. yuck.

      Seriously pork rinds are deep fried pork skin. that is hideous.

    • vanbergs 7:46 am on November 25, 2008 Permalink

      who the fuck is this? Kitt, stop jamming your paws onto my brother’s keyboard with impeccable accuracy.

    • Vanberge 11:33 am on November 25, 2008 Permalink

      Vanbergs you cannot honestly believer that microwaved pig skin sounds appetizing… can you?

    • Kramer 11:29 am on November 26, 2008 Permalink

      They only have one gram of carbs per serving, those pork rinds are practically health food.

  • Vanberge 11:25 pm on November 19, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Blackberry and WordPress 

    I’ve had various Blackberry smartphones for a span of about 4 years.  In an ordered list, here is my past roster.

    1. Nextel 7510
    2. Nextel 7520
    3. Nextel 7100i
    4. Sprint 8830
    5. Sprint 8830 x2
    6. Verizon 8330 (Curve)

    In the past I’ve used these devices for literally nothing besides work phone calls and email (well… and the occasional breaking of bricks) – but with my new Blackberry curve I wanted to do a lot more.  I set up facebook, twitterberry, Google maps/gmail/sync, and I got a 1 gig media card to hold pictures and music.

    Still, that wasn’t quite enough…

    It probably spawns from seeing the absolutely badass WordPress app used by the likes of Russellteee and Flo on their iPhones; but I wanted nothing more in the world than to be able to update my Blog from my Blackberry.  What follows is a story of genuine hardship and unwavering technical commitment.  A tale of camaraderie and brotherhood.  A multi-step scenario fully exhibiting one of my compulsive dives into forcing something new to work.

    Step 1 – Information gathering.
    Googling every string and combination I could think of, I scoured the ends of the internet looking for any possibility of Blackbery/Wordpress integration.  Minutes turn to hours, and I find little information regarding any sort of available application for blackberry devices.  I consider just using the built in web browser on the device, but after trying it a few times decide that is just not a workable scenario.  I am brought to the conclusion that no installable application exist for Blackberry devices allowing me to quickly and easily update WordPress.  Overall, failure sets in prematurely.

    Step 2 – Regrouping.
    No.. There has to be a way I can do this…  I brainstorm a bit and I think to myself: “Chouse has the same blackberry and I’m pretty sure he has updated from it”.  Consulting with said Chouse, he reveals his methods of posting via email and also twitterberry.  I didn’t really want my blog to update with twitter posts, so I decide to investigate posting via email.

    Step 3 – Imlementation attempt 1.
    I research the wordpress feature built in to check an email account via pop3.  Long story short, wordpress checks your email for you and uses the mail as a ‘post’ on your blog.  Sounds perfect!  I create a ‘secret’ gmail account and start trying it out.  It doesn’t work.

    Why doesn’t it work?  Because Gmail uses pop3 over ssl.  WordPress only connects to regular pop3.


    Try Yahoo mail.  Find out yahoo requires “plus” email to allow pop3 access.  “plus” email costs money.  Ef yahoo.

    Give up for time being.

    Step 4 – Breath of fresh air.
    Talking to Chouse online, asking how in the world he manages to update via email when I seem so unable to.  He relays information regarding “Postie“, a wordpress plugin that allows enhanced post-by-email functionality, and most importantly can connect to Pop3/SSL.  This plugin rings a bell for me, because I had seen it back in step 1 when googling my arse off.  But I recall seeing ‘doesnt work’  – ‘categories broken’ – ‘php errors’ etc.  Despite these, chouse confirms that it works.

    Also chatted online with Russellteee at this point who decided to take step1 upon himself and try to find me a solution, but he arrived generally at my exact spot.

    Step 5 – Implementation attempt 2.
    I download and install postie, and I start configuring the options.  I then try a test run to which I am met with an “Unexpected ‘{‘  on line 70”.  Vi’ing the php file, clearly I can see that there was a missing parenthases in the function called “Get_Imap”.  I was slightly confused at why that function was being called when I am trying to check a pop3 over ssl account… But regardless I add the parens.

    Now the plugin does run.  I send a test email to my ‘secret’ gmail account and it updates my blog.

    However, I notice it goes in as ‘Uncategorized’.

    Step 6 – Restrategize.
    I start thinking to myself… “Am I ok with it posting into ‘uncategorized’?”  No, I am not.  So I decide to create a new category called mobile, and then I just hard code the php to  ALWAYS use that category regardless of which category I try to send the post to.  This meets me with moderate success, but bugs me that like 100 lines of php code are not working and I’m literally replacing it with 2 lines.

    I consider dumping postie for this shortcoming.

    Then I happen to stumble upon a linked fix for this plugin.  Some fine young good samaritan had taken it upon himself to update the category functions and published the code to fix it.  FIXXIIITTT!!

    I update the php files with the re-written code, and BOOM – Postie works better than tough actin’ Tinactin.

    Step 6 – Attach.
    Having a camera phone, clearly one of the biggest/best hopes would be to be able to post pictures.  Postie can handle picture attachments, and put them at the top or bottom of your post depending on how you have it configured.

    So, I email a post with an attachment picture, and I to my surprise, no update comes through.  I investigate for a few minutes, and come to find out that my blackberry is not sending the email out (even though it very clearly states ‘sent’ and has a blue check mark).  I grow frustrated at this, get into our BES server to look at policies.  I’m set in the default policy.  That doesn’t really have anything set up to block attachments…  hmm.  It’s now very late and I give up till morning.

    Morning comes and I try again, still nothing.  Now I’m at work so I decide to wipe my blackberry.  I wipe my blackberry and re-activate it on the BES.


    Still cannot send attachments.

    Other people try now… Turns out nobody can send attachments for whatever reason.  I am a pretty experienced BES administrator and I can only chock it up to the fact that our BES needs to get rebooted or something.  But, I’m not going to go that far just so I can update my blog when there are 100 other blackberry users that depend on this server – there has to be another way.

    Step 7 – Gmail.
    DUHHHH… Gmail!?!?!   I have a gmail account and I have the Gmail blackberry app on my phone.  I immediately open up gmail and try to send an email update to P4P here.  Just one problem, I can’t find any way within the Gmail app to add an attachment.  Hmm… I have to be missing something, right?  Gmail HAS to be able to send an attachment from my blackbery, RIGHT??

    Google answers my question and query with vast and echoing “nope”.

    Wow… are you kidding me.

    Step 8 – Gmail Redux.
    Wait a minute… I can send an attachment from the Gmail web interface – I’ll just do that!.

    I open my blackberry browser, and I log into the Gmail website.  I start composing an email, and I click to add an attachment:  Blank.  I try again, same result.  Apparently, the built in web browser does not let gmail add an attachment even from the gmail.com website.  At this point I have one arm in a straight jacket and I am just ready to pound my face into my desk.

    Then it hits me…  I can try the Opera mini browser!

    I open Opera, I log into the gmail website, and I send a picture attachment and it works beautifully.
    Finally, for the sake of all that is good in the world, I can update my blog and even include a picture.

    Step 9 – Debrief
    Let’s get this all straight here…  For a blackberry user, if you want to update your WordPress blog; you can use the regular browser based wordpress admin panel.  Or, you can set up postie, hack it, find some way to send an email from your blackberry WITH an attachment, and then it will update.

    Now, I must issue a call to arms.

    Will some loving and caring java developer out there please for the sake of all that is good in the entire universe,  PLEASE make a clean and simple wordpress application for the Blackberry.  It goes without saying that Blackberry users around the world would unite in electronic bliss and undoubtedly update their blogs more often.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Jeff 12:37 am on November 20, 2008 Permalink

      Get an iPhone. There’s a wordpress app, and it works great. 😉

    • Vanberge 9:38 am on November 20, 2008 Permalink

      I almost would to be honest JJA. But I just cannot have two smart phones. I’ll have to have use the blackberry at work for the foreseeable future. I don’t think I can maintain a personal smartphone and a work smartphone.

      In turn, you should develop a java application using the Blackberry simulator and create an installable blackberry application that can update wordpress.

      Clearly WordPress has published APIs. 🙂

    • chouse 10:50 am on November 20, 2008 Permalink

      That is an amazing writeup, truly an epic adventure. I must fix my own postie install to remedy the ‘uncategorized’ issue. sheer laziness has precluded me from bother to fix it in the past, but i shall take up the sword and slay the buggies.

    • Jeff 1:15 pm on November 20, 2008 Permalink

      I suppose I could, but I would have to charge $99.99 per license.

    • Vanberge 3:29 pm on November 20, 2008 Permalink

      If you did it, and it worked… I would honestly pay that.

      Do it jja… you’ll at least get 99 from me.

    • bun 4:31 pm on November 20, 2008 Permalink

      this really was an epic adventure… on par with the time vanberge tailored me a blue silk shirt in azeroth.

    • Vanberge 8:28 am on November 21, 2008 Permalink

      Do you still wear that shirt rusty?? 🙂

      JJA how is “PressBerry” coming ??

    • Miguel 12:12 pm on December 4, 2008 Permalink

      Try using mosnaps. Its really easy to install and works great. I’m not very tech-savvy and I had no trouble installing it. http://www.mosnaps.com

  • Vanberge 10:21 pm on November 19, 2008 Permalink | Reply  



    Coke is definitely my favorite beverage of all time.

  • Vanberge 11:06 pm on November 18, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    HP is Dumb 

    Over the last couple weeks, I have been hearing my laptop let out an audible beep at random times after it has been booted… It doesn’t come from the built in speakers, and there are no errors to accompany the beep. (Visually or in windows event log). I decided to try and chat with HP online to see if they could help me. If you are reading this, then you most certainly know the answrer already: They could not. I chatted online with “Natasha” who informed me that I had a virus and/or spyware. And clearly I should back up my data and use my restore
    disks to reset my computer to factory defaults… Apparently I will just wait for my RAM or hard disk to completely fail, as I am pretty sure that is what these beeps are warning of. I wonder if Natasha weas real…

    • vanlandw 11:29 am on November 19, 2008 Permalink

      Natasha is a very very very not smart woman. She is the “Mara” of HP.com

      I hope you figure this out when you get everything figured out please post a follow up post.


    • Vanberge 7:03 pm on November 19, 2008 Permalink

      I hope I can figure it out vanlandw… it drives me crazy!

      Even though it doesn’t do it very often, still ticks me off.

    • Jeff 5:12 pm on December 4, 2008 Permalink

      We may have discussed this already, but why did you buy a HP?

    • Vanberge 7:00 pm on December 4, 2008 Permalink

      Because “Im a PC” jja… 😛

      Their laptops are decent hardware at very low prices.
      Yes, one of the hardware components is beeping once in awhile.

  • Vanberge 9:29 pm on November 17, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Word up 

    just testing the plugin posty and the email functionality.

    • vanlandw 4:30 pm on November 18, 2008 Permalink

      1. Adam Sandler – The Lonesome Kicker Nov 14

      LOL for that entire day and not since that day that is the last song you listened to that is really funny


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