2pac – Changes.mp3

Many things are changing lately…   and I don’t even want to go into details.

But what I’ve begun to realize is not so much that things are changing, but that it’s all happening so fast.  There will always be part of my being that mercilessly grips onto college mentality which craves for extreme video game sessions, staying up late to watch movies, generally causing random mischief, and just being part of a great group of friends.

Changes that affect this paradigm are not “bad” per se, but nevertheless they do present a mildly uncertain future.  The notion of these changes unsettles me a bit, makes me uncomfortable, and even a little scared.  I guess I can say that I do not like change very much.

I suppose the world needs the turn-and-cough check every once in awhile.

So I embrace the coming change, and my glass is half full.  Really, nobody says it better than 2pac