+5 Things

Ef vanlandw for starting this. Here are TEN things you probably didnt know about vanberge.

  1. I met Anthony Kiedis of the “Red Hot Chili Peppers” when I was in the 8th grade. He is genuinely probably 5’4”
  2. I learned to juggle while sitting in the ‘dugout’ being a designated hitter on my highschool baseball team. I was a DH because my batting average was over 400, and because i couldnt field ground balls.
  3. The first Rated “R” movie that I ever saw was “Predator”. I was 12.
  4. I did not use a washing machine ever in my life until i started attending GVSU. I don’t think vanbergs has even yet.
  5. On the “J.V” basketball team, I led the team in blocks my sophomore year with 9 on the season. (in 12 games)
  6. I am pretty good at the ‘yo-yo” I can do tricks like “walk the dog” and “Rock the Cradle” and “Around the World”
  7. I was elected to national honor society in high school… All well taking “Foods, Foods II, Metals, Woods, Parenthood, Contemporary Living”
  8. I made “Deans List” in both semesters of my final year at GVSU.
  9. I am absolutely petrified of heights and/or falling. I can’t climb ladders. I can’t lean over rooftops. I can barely walk next to the hand rails on the 2nd story at the mall. I get the ‘ball tingler’.
  10. I started my college career majoring in “Elementary Education”. Quite a stones throw from where I ended up: “Information Systems”

Now i am re-calling out everyone who did these ‘5 things’ – pick it up vanlandw, flo, kramer, vanbergs, etc. do 10 things noobs.