I am genuinely addicted to the internet and/or computers. I know this because I have spend the last 2 weeks of my life changing websites, creating websites, dumping mysql, importing mysql, moving directories, breaking things, fixing things, and in general staying up too late. That’s in my SPARE time. During WORK, I spend 8 or 9 hours a day administering servers, networks, and overall I.T. related activities. This combination is clearly not normal activity for a human being.

At any rate – Here’s a recap of site related ventures:

  • I upgraded my gallery install to 2.2.1(r1). Not because I wanted to, but because I broke gallery 2.1 when i moved it into a subdirectory without deactivating any plugins. I tried for 2 days to fix it. At any rate, running the upgrade fixed it.
  • I finally got up and running. I have no idea what will become of that internet destination but at least there is a site there. After hearing jjafuller talk about Drupal, I figured i’d at least install it for awhile to see what it had to offer.
  • I moved p4p’s entire site into a subdir. Thanks to for re-organizing my virtual sites/dns. Now i have a much cleaner directory structure.
  • is hopefully getting a new breath of life

I hate… the effing internet