BRB 24

Bitch President Say hello to “Cherry Jones”. This typical late-middle aged woman might look very normal – but she is not normal in the least. She is so far from normal that her existence has changed the world forever. She has done something so entirely profound that I can barely form the patterned ascii text to describe its happenings. This woman… has officially ended my viewing and fanship of the television program “24”.

Officially. Ended.

I have been a 24 fan since college when I purchased the first season on DVD. I watched it nearly in one sitting, and was purely gripped by the show. I have viewed every moment, the entirety of the series, seasons 1 through season 6; but I will not be watching, mentioning, talking about, or even trying to follow along with season 7 of “Fox’s hit show” 24. Since the inception, fox has done everything in it’s power to ruin this sacred and acclaimed television drama. Continually ridiculous plot lines grow with sheer linear upwardness – and interesting, deep characters are banished by death from the show leaving quirky asshole bitches the main focus.

Season 6 permanently jaded me… I was positive that I could never – NEVER – feel the same way about 24 as I did in seasons 1,2,3 and even 5. “Twenty-Four” crossed a very very serious line and there was no coming back from it. I can’t even bring myself to go into details- but season 6 of 24 was just dogshit. I hated it. 80% of why I maintained viewing it was because I wanted to win money from vanlandw because that douche hole love child is definitely Jack’s son. Even then, I was dangerously close to banishment of the show.

Enter Mrs. “Cherry Jones”.

For those of you who do not know, Cherry Jones is going to be the President of the United States in the next season of 24. I had heard this rumor, and VANBERGS informed me that he was pretty sure it was official. He was correct (As seen here). I can’t quite even put my finger on ‘why’ – but the fact that 24 is putting a woman president into the mix has launched raw fury and unbridled hatred onto the camels back, shattering the camel into a Rob Zombie film. “Broke the Camels Back” is hardly an accurate description.

I, Vanberge, am never watching 24 again.