Diet Vanberge

A bit prior to thanksgiving, i weighed myself on my parents scale… Typically, i could care less about my body or my weight… But, this day, i saw something i have never seen before “245”. I typically thought i weighed 235, which was fine with me on every accord. However, when i realized that the elusive “250” was so close, i felt like something had to be done.

I started drinking less pop… drinking black coffee at work… minor changes. I got to about 235 this way.

Then comes the new year at work. Somehow, somebody organized a ‘biggest losers’ type club; with a catch. Each person puts in 10 dollars… and at the end of a year, the biggest loser takes all. That, in combination with ENFUEGO MIGUEL weighing less than me (although i am taller…), have inspired me to drastically change my lifestlye. So, for the past week, i have: Eaten a banana and grape nuts cereal every day for breakfast, drank only water and black coffee, eaten very light lunches (1 sandwitch without mayo, an apple, etc), and eaten sensible dinners. I have even gone out to eat twice and ordered only salads. Blah blah blah, i changed my eating habits.

Keeping in mind that i did not do any additional exercise of any kind, read on: Initial weigh in at work for the ‘biggest losers’ club i weighed 238… Over the weekend I purchased a scale, and was astounded that i currently weigh 228 pounds. I havent been that light in probably 24 years. I was absolutely shocked to see that changing my eating habits for 7 days yielded a 10 pound reduction in my body weight…

Now the trick is ‘staying motivated’… as it grows harder and harder to avoid calling papa john.

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I love third strike.