Heavy is the head…

…that wears the crown.

For some time lately, i’ve had this sort of notion on my mind. It might be because of the TV and cinema that I view, it might be my employment standing, and it could just be one of my compulsive ventures that I partake in briefly before losing focus… But as of late I find myself appreciating that famous quote – “Heavy is the head that wears the crown”.

What am I even really talking about? I am talking about being a boss… An authority figure… Somebody that people look to and rely on… A leader.

As I said, this is most likely due to my recent interests in movies and television where this sort of thing is prominent. It’s “cool” to be the “boss”. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I find myself wanting to change things I don’t like. I feel the need to “do” in certain aspects and situations. Of course I’m mainly referring to work, but it spans further than that. I’m sure a part of it is my stubborn nature. If I don’t like something – I don’t really just go along with it. I am one stubborn asshole. I have a burning desire to make all things exactly what I want them to be… I’m not “Power Hungry”. I don’t have an “agenda”. It’s hard to explain. In fact I don’t even know if I can explain it.

What a ramble this is… But here are my current top ten leaders (mostly Ficticious):

I had planned on doing a top ten list of my current favorite “bosses”, but that seems to be too much work and i’m having trouble putting them all in order… So, here goes. Here are my favorite leadership figures currently in an unordered list:

  • Tony Soprano – Mob boss of The Soprano Family
  • “Stringer” Bell – Cool, calm business savvy leader of a Drug ring in “The Wire”
  • David Palmer – The best president ever
  • Bill Buchanan – Runs the quirky wierd department of CTU Los Angeles
  • Vic Mackey – Aggressive and in your face commander of “The Shield”s elusive strike team
  • Aragorn – The King of Man, literally… In “LOTR”
  • Mickeyvb – The King of Vanhood. Literally
  • Al pacino – The Godfather… in “The Godfather (II, III)”
  • Bob DeNiro – Samuel James (Ace) Rothstien form “Casino”
  • Russell Crowe – Maximus the Gladiator from “Gladiator”

All these real or fictional characters are bad asses… And each one has a charisma and leadership quality that permeates souls of humanity.

I had my chance once… I’m not going to pass it up again.