For christmas, i had gotten an iPod video (30 gig)… I hadnt done too much with this until recently, and that was mainly because i didnt have any means of playing it in my car. I bought the “itrip” FM transmitter, but that blew harder than the eyewall of hurricane katrina. Literally. It was nearly impossible to hear clear music. So, as a result of that, the ipod has really just kind of sat on my computer desk.

Well, i somehow got re-aquainted with my ipod recently and really started using it to its full potential. First, i tried to put linux on it. I downloaded the ipodlinux installer, and clicked ‘next next next finish’. Had I read the documentation on thier site, i would have clearly noticed that the 5g video ipods are not yet supported… What happened? Well, my ipod rebooted, and then simply displayed a screen that said “www.apple.com/support/ipod”.
After a brief lol, i commenced trying to fix it.

I figured “i’ll just restore it”. So i start up the apple restore utility which says “cannot mount ipod”…. at which point i started to worry a bit. “Maybe i need to reformat the hd first, i thought”… “Please insert a disk into drive ‘G’ ” my computer asked me… now i seriously started to panic.

I resorted to forums, where i came across an HP utility that is used to format external usb storage devices. I used that to format the ipod Fat32. Then the apple restore utility worked like a charm and my ipod works again like new 🙂

Then i bought dLo Transpod. Which works 100 times better than the itrip did. It plugs into the cig lighter, so it uses the cars juice and not the ipods. Plus it charges the ipod, has preset stations, a nice backlit display. pwns.

Then i spent probably 4 hours getting album art from http://www.images.google.com. And then vanlandw pointed me onto a neat trick to put menu icons onto an ipod. so, i did that today as well 🙂

The point of this post is essentially to say that i used to not really think about or use my ipod. Now, i take it to work with me, take it out to eat with me, in general i am obsessed with it.