Life in General

Since the ‘honeymoon’ stage of buying a house has transitioned into a less exciting more everyday feeling, i’ve finally had a chance to get my priorities back in order. An unordered bulleted list ensues:

  • I have watched alot of movies recently. (More on this later)
  • I beat guitar hero on hard. Vanbergs can attest to the sheer difficulty of this
  • For some reason, i love basketball of the sudden. I watch NCAA. I watch the Pistons. I even bought NBA Live 2006 by EA sports which i despise for their monopolization of the NFL game market. Ef that. Ef vanberge.
  • House Party = successful.
  • Rusty loves red wine. {shake. moan. blargh}.
  • I am definitely losing the motivation to maintain and update my webpage. Is it honestly worth it?

pointless sequel: noun. American origin. Also see Saw II.

A history of Violence.
I really liked this Movie… Aragorn is really quite a bad ass. I wasn’t sure about the ending, but i can’t concieve any better ending in my own mind – so i have made peace with that. I will probably buy this movie.

Im sick of this update… brb