Payner Weekend

May 18th, 19th, and 20th resulted in one of the finest weekends on record. Payner’s wedding weekend finally came and went, and in standard traditional Vanhood fashion- It was a fantastic weekend.

It was good to get out of town for awhile. I don’t get over on the east side of Michigan very often so it was good to venture out. Payner and Erin picked an awesome hotel for starters. We shut up and swam, we did a little drinky drink, and overall the hotel was a nice comfortable place to be. However, it really did reminded me of “Hotel Dusk”- Complete with Dunning.

For the actual Wedding things went very well also. It was nice to just be a part of a wedding and not have to worry about being the ‘groom’. Being a part of the wedding party was a first for me, and it was definitely an honor. Payner and Erin’s families are both really very nice. It was a comfortable and genuine Wedding, and I had a great time being a part of it. To recap: Riding in a stretch Ford Excursion limousine is never bad. Filling flasks before the Ceremony and emptying them immediately after is never bad. Kissing Payner in front of 250 people isn’t bad. Hands behind the back was bad. People who kick Vanbergs’ tripod are bad. Courtney the Driver is definitely not bad.

Then came the reception. When Vanhood mixes with open bars, planets align for interstellar epicness. Vanbergs invented the sparkling white russian. Enfuego started the Margarita trend. I took approximately 275 pictures. Vanlandw sang Def Leppard. Enfuego encored Livin’ on a Prayer. All present parties seriously danced the night away. Sharing 12 dollar cigars with Payner’s father was awesome, the drinks were awesome, the food was awesome, age differences are awesome, white balancing on russellteee is awesome, the reception was seriously just Vanhood.

The weekend was capped off with a breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant where they served a pretty decent brunch buffet. Kudos again to the Weber’s inn for seating all 14 of us in the ‘Bar’ which was not even open. lol.

Pictures can be found here.
As stated before – I took alot of pictures. So, alot of pictures are going to be online. However, I do not want to offend anyone in any way, so if any of these pictures are offensive or anything else for anybody please let me know. I will gladly remove pictures if people do not want them on the internets.

Congratulations to Payner and Erin. Best wishes to the both of you, and thanks for putting on a fantastic weekend.