PC Look and Feel

In the last week or so, i’ve done a few things that have made my computer more pleasant/appealing to use.
You guessed it. Unordered list time:

  • Installed and configured Compiz Fusion to replace Beryl. If you do not know, Compiz Fusion is the rejoining of Beryl and Compiz which had previously forked. Compiz fusion is definitely one of the most revolutionary things to hit the personal computer in a long, long time…
  • Installed all “ubuntu Studio” theme packages. I run Ubuntu linux, the default installation. Ubuntu studio contains all sorts of applications for video, imaging, and audio production – i don’t really need all that. But, i did think the look/theme was fantastic. So, I installed it on my computer. After using it, it reminds me heavily of jjafuller’s old wordpress theme.
  • Installed “Pidgin”. Pidgin is the replacement/continuation of GAIM. it’s pretty much the same application, but it’s a little more polished regarding appearance. I enjoy it.

I really like my PC. If you would have asked me a year ago, i was buying a mac for sure. No doubt in my mind. Then I started using Ubuntu linux and that has drastically changed my perspective. Ubuntu is free. And it’s fantastic. I haven’t used Windows at home since December of 2006, and i will not ever buy a mac. Ubuntu w/ Compiz fusion is my desktop for the foreseeable future.

Alas, per vanlandw’s request, a screenie just to give the lay of the land. Screenshot