Seriously ef This

In the last 4 days, I have shoveled my driveway 7 times.

There are piles of snow in my back yard that are literally taller than I am.  My back is utterly destroyed.   My arms and legs are tightened and sore.  My car has gotten stuck 3 separate times.  The wind blew the cover off my grill and it is currently covered in feet of snow.

I realize this is ‘mother nature’ and there’s nothing anyone can do but deal with it as best they can.   But I am incredibly angry about how much snow we have.  I have lived in Michigan for my entire life and I cannot recall having to deal with this much snow.

Tonight I resisted the urge to slam my shovel into the driveway with all my human might and destroy it with unbridled malice; because after I finally finished shoveling my seemingly never ending driveway, the end I had started on already had over an inch of new snow.

Ef you, whoever makes snow…  I will find you sooner or later and we will have a very confrontational discussion.