Sidebar Redefined

I don’t know why I even bother using the sidebar on this website. I really should go the route of Vanlandw and just disperse of the sidebar all together.

But, I can’t find it in my heart to do that – so instead I mess around with it and change it pretty much every other week.

In the past, I’ve added the random gallery image, added the Netflix queue, added and removed all kinds of links, added and removed google ads, and played around with ul / li formatting.

THIS week, I’ve decided to add dynamic content to pull in my recent tracks from and also my recent ‘tweets’ from Twitter.  I also got rid of some links, added in some new links, and generally wasted a couple hours pointlessly tweaking the sidebar.

I still can’t bring myself to use the built in widgets that K2 and WordPress have to offer; which undoubtedly makes everything in the sidebar harder to do.

Regardless, may I present to you sidebar version four hundred thirty ONE.