The Sopranos Series Finale

I liked it.

I’ve watched every episode to date of this mobster drama – and i’ve been consistently happy with the show. The Sopranos is a consistent show – and it’s probably the 2nd best television show of all time. Shows like “24” have steep up/down times. High apexes of fantastic thrilling drama are fought by immediate downslopes of boredom and wrongdoing from a production standpoint. 24 is the greatest show ever, and its the worst thing on TV the next episode.

The Sopranos is not that way. It is consistently a fantastic show and never veers far from that mark.

Enough background.

Let me begin by saying that ANY way this series ended would have failed to meet expectations. It’s just impossible to conclude a series of this magnitude in a way that won’t disappoint somebody.

With that said, I like the series finale. I enjoyed this series finale and I enjoyed the way that concluded the series. I enjoyed everything about it. The setting, the feel, the anticipation, even the song. In my opinion, the series finale was a fantastic showing. I just signed offline because Vanbergs told me he purchased a bicycle.

In detail, here’s why I liked the series finale. Tony has been depressed and dealt with depression in his family for the entirety of the show. He fought with his wife, he dealt with problems his son had, and he dealt with all that in his role as ‘boss’ as well. It is not debatable: Tony Soprano had a dark life.

The ending of the series did a fantastic job of bringing everything to a happier and optimistic end for Tony. The song, the entrance of his family members, with these things the viewers get a sense of happiness where all the bad and shitty things with the characters’ lives are behind them. Tony Soprano is a happy man at the end of the series. He’s getting along with his wife, the issues with his son are resolved, and he’s free to have this meal with his family without having to worry about his mob stresses now that Phil Leotardo had been taken care of.

Although the cinematography creates suspense for the viewer, there is care free bliss amongst the Soprano Family as they sit and enjoy their last meal together. Tony is the happiest he had ever been in the entire series at the moment he dies. His last vision is his daughter Meadow running into the restaurant. Just for a split second, the whole family is together. The last image Tony sees, the last thing he experiences is his entire family together. He hadn’t experienced that for a very long time – if at all in the entire series.

It was definitely his last moment. Even though it is not shown, Tony Soprano was murdered. There is absolutely nothing else that 5 solid seconds of black silence can signify. The music stops abruptly, and the series is concluded. (BTW: Journey was a fantastic choice). I’m actually glad that it ended the way it did… If they would have shown Tony getting killed, I am sure that I would have physically wept and possibly spun into a sobbing fetal position.

The Series finale did a fantastic job of doing all this without coming off as rushed or cheesy.

In my opinion, congratulations David Chase and HBO for a phenominal series, start to finish.