What is Happening…

…to Television and Movies?…

Seriously think about it – Try this yourself right now, off the top of your head.  Try to name 5 good television shows that are on current network television.  And then, try to name 5 good movies that have come out in 2007.  Without doing hours of research, here is what i can come up with (even with some help from Vanbergs):


  • 300
  • Transformers
  • Knocked Up

TV Shows:

  • The Shield
  • The Black Donnellys (Which, is cancelled)
  • The Office
  • Rescue Me (which is skating on very thin ice)

Now try the same exercise, exept with ‘bad’ movies or TV.  These lists of ‘bad’ items aren’t worth an unordered list, or even comma separation for that matter.  Movies:  Spider man 3 Die hard 4 I know who killed me Stomp the yard The simpsons Breach Oceans 13 Ghostrider Rush hour 3.  TV Shows:  24 house nip tuck so you think you can dance american idol anything on mtv prison break The bachelor Singing with the stars Really any reality tv show now that i think about it.

If my point is not already understood, it is that most current TV and Cinema are waste of time, film, money, and the electromagnetic spectrum in general.  Of course, these are MY opinions.  I’m sure plenty of people like watching “The Hills” or “My Sweet 16” on MTV – but, those shows ARE God-hideous in an un-debatable sense.  Additionally, I haven’t even seen all of the shows/movies I listed.  The reason is, mostly, you can tell what shit is without having to lean over and smell it.  I don’t need to see Die Hard 4 to know that it all but ruins the first three.

So now the question is “why?” – Why has it come to this torrid level of production?  The answer, i am confident, is Generation Y. I can’t blame the movie/TV companies because they are just giving the masses what they want. The masses, the “little brothers and sisters” of Generation X; have been spoiled and fed life with a silver spoon.  As best I can tell, this is probably due to the fact that the parents of Gen. Y have grown up much rougher.  I can understand that, the parents come up tough and fighting, so they want their kids to have it better than they did. I understand that completely, and I’m not criticizing it.  I’d want the same for my kids.  But, the spoiled nature of Gen. Y is breeding the forward thinking out of the equation.  Hence, people do not want to watch forwardly intelligent programming.  Instead, they want to see stupid attractive people doing stupid attractive things and then send their friends text messages about it.

It’s really too bad – I almost hardly watch television anymore.  And, in looking at my netflix queue almost half of it is filled with ‘older’ movies.  But, maybe I’m just officially ‘old’.  I’m sure my parents probably felt this same way when i started listening to Motley Crue and playing Nintendo.  Maybe they just need to make an “oldies” television and cinema network.