Windows Vista RC1

On monday i dowlnoaded and installed Windows Vista RC1. We have a technet subscription through work, so it was no problem getting it…

I have to say, i really like windows vista. It runs decently (even on a mediocre laptop) and overall has a good look and feel to it. It has blue screened 5 times in 2 days, but hey – its still a beta technically.

The windows explorer interface now seems to be heavily based on the Mac interface. The bread crumbs, the structured left to right browsing, i kept thinking ‘jeez, this is how a mac works’. Running on a crummy laptop, i’m not really able to take advantage of some of the supposed 3d enhancements and capabilities, but i really do like Vista. 🙁

I took some screenshots, and also copied all the wallpapers i could find in vista. If interested—